Suffering is relative!

Why would you choose Azdo or Jira? where you used Jira for 5 years and then tried to switch to Azdo.

Suffering is relative!
Photo by soheyl dehghani / Unsplash

As a software developer, we never liked making ourselves accountable. We always liked getting into the flow and fixing the stuff, time is relative.

But every project has a deadline or at least should have a deadline. The modern offices use tools to track tasks, and projects. Most of the time the main reason is to make things predictable! Or make the development process predictable!

Now here comes Jira! one of the popular tools used in the industry! And the software developers do not like it at all.
Now here comes the dilemma! if a developer used Jira for 5 years and suffered, the company switched to Azdo .

Then what would the developer would choose?
Will the developer use Azdo and suffer more(I believe their UI is way less modern than Jira) or go back to Jira and be happy it's not Azdo?

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