Emails As TodoList!

How emails improved my task management!

Emails As TodoList!
Photo by Thomas Bormans / Unsplash

Around 2 years ago, I  started using my email inbox as email and my to-do list.

How does that work for me?

Here is my regular ritual with email inbox:

  • Normally I open my emails and calendar every day 3 times, morning, noon, and afternoon. Sometimes even in the middle of the night.
  • Also, I have a habit of cleaning my email inbox every week(almost daily), regardless of the content. Normally I read the email, either reply or take action.  Then I make emails archived, deleted, or snoozed for the future.
  • I unsubscribe from the email newsletters when I see them left those unopen for 1 week
  • And it goes on

So, all of the things I mentioned up top, I am doing those anyway, For my personal or professional sides.

Now I added two new things,

  • Anytime I have something in my mind I send myself an email.
  • If that's a personal topic, I send an email to my email or if it's professional I send that email to my office email.

Why it's working for me?

Any to-do list app means it's a new app, a new learning process, managing a new app and so many other chores.  I think, I just removed the resistance for using a new todo list using the same tool I like using everyday

Also, my brain is kind of a monkey brain. I constantly think! It’s one of the habits I love and the same time I hate.

And I found if I dump my thoughts in an email to myself then it stops. I think I just needed them to be thrown out of my brain and know those are secured in a safe place.

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