Culture Map

A book on trying to find understanding between different cultures.

Culture Map

Author: Erin Meyer

Personal Rating: 9/10

Personal Review:

This is one of my favorite books. I relocated from Bangladesh to the Netherlands in 2021 to a company with 40+ different nationalities. That's my first international relocation. With these big changes, I was having a hard time communicating with my multicultural colleagues and with my limited understanding of the whole world.
This book opened a new dimension to me about the people around the world with their different cultures and communication around the cultures. Now I think I can

  • understand the reasons behind the conversation
  • taking things not personally(still working on it)
  • express information to a broader group with lots of different people
  • manage or try to understand people from different parts of the world.

You might get a vibe like, the author is trying to label people based on their culture or nationalities. But the examples kinda make sense to me, I work where there are a lot of different nationalities like Turkey, Germany, India, France, Romania, UK, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, USA, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zeeland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, Albania, Italy, Greece, China, the Netherlands(obviously), Bangladesh(only me) and more. So for me, it's easier to see the small nuances between different cultures and people.

Overall I liked the look I would recommend anyone to read the book. And take all the info as a grain of salt and decide for yourselves.

Interesting Shots from the book:


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