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This is an independent blog post site by Nixon.

About Me:

I am Nixon. I am a software engineer by profession, but I love to call myself a problem solver.
I like to solve any problems related to real-life impact. Like fixing light bulbs, talking to humans to solve their problems, and having legal discussions to get a legal understanding, anything logical seems fascinating to me.

I grow up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Right now I am living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I like to cook, read, hike, do new challenges, and try to figure out patterns in real life.

Interesting Fact: I got my first personal computer in 2009.

Why Nixon1333:
Somehow I managed to secure the same username on lots of platforms 😅, yeah you guessed it right nixon1333.  So I decided to have a personal website on the same handle, at least it has some SEO  value in it  🤷🏽‍♂️.
- https://twitter.com/nixon1333
- https://linkedin.com/nixon1333
- https://github.com/nixon1333
- https://dev.to/nixon1333
- https://stackoverflow.com/users/2336762/nixon1333
- https://medium.com/@nixon1333
- https://www.deviantart.com/nixon1333

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